Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

My sincerest apologies for the dearth of posts these past few new job and the holidays completely consumed me! And, unfortunately, the AWOL will continue as I am discovering that opening 6 new Sperry Top-Sider stores is akin to moving mountains.

Forgive me and I promise to return to regular posting as soon as possible!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Salt n' Pepa

I need these for my Kitchen.

Serving seasonings in marble cellars is way chicer than clunky mills, no? These beauties are available at Jayson Home & Garden.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Mulligan

Last Thursday, a friend and I participated in the annual Beacon Hill Holiday stroll...and by "participate" I mean that we strolled, drank wine served at each of the stores and shopped, shopped, shopped. All in all it was an absolutely lovely time save for one exception...

Upon seeing this Yves Delorme Persane bedding at Linens on the Hill, I literally died with delight.

Why was this brilliant bedding discovery a bad thing, you ask? Because now I have to completely re-think my Master Bedroom plans.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Find - Kids Gifts

I have the perfect pleasure of being Aunt to three pretty princesses, Lauren, Miranda and AC. As the Holiday season approaches (OMG, 13 shopping days until Christmas!!!), rather than thinking of all the practical gifts I should be giving various adult family members, I find myself constantly day-dreaming about the precious presents I could be buying for (1) my puppy, Eleanor Rigby and (2) my adorable nieces in Louisville. The benefits of both these recipents is that their gifts tend to be both easily within budget (unlike the $600 camera requested by my sister or the $900 Michael Bastian sweater requested by RTT) and infinitely more fun.

For example, Lauren is starting school slash already in school, so how insanely fabulous are these custom backpacks by Em Tanner for $55?!?! I want one too!

Lithe monkey Miranda would look extra impressive on her jungle "flying" adventures (read: jumping off anything and everything she can) in this fantastic princess cape from Giggle for $42.
And, as my newest niece already knows, I am especially obsessed with the kid's toy company Blabla and these rattles are ideal for little AC. At just $29 I might have to splurge and get multiple.

Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lonny, I love you

The new issue of web-based wunder-mag Lonny appeared online today. I think I speak for the entire design blogosphere when I say, "Lonny, I love you." Finally a picture book to fill the Domino-sized hole in my life!

I especially adore the graphic black and white spread featuring the rooms of the Hotel Keppler in Paris. Somehow the rooms maintain an amazing sense of elegance without feeling stark...quite a feat when drawing on a black and white base. I feel sure there is a space in my dream house that could mirror the monochrome magnificence of this hotel's decor...

Perhaps another Powder Room? I'm not loving the one below also featured in this edition, but it's a start...


Maybe a blend of the classicism of the toile with the Draper-esque stripes of Jenna Lyons slash J.Crew Collection's store bathroom?


See what a treasure trove Lonny magazine is?!?! Amazing.

Question: What is your preferred bathroom decor? Bright colors or bold black and white?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lighting the Way

So amongst my other addictions, I am obsessed with Christine Bell's gorgeous and glamorous shop, C. Bell Furnishings. I literally LOVE everything in it (er, or, on it as the case may be with her website). You have to take a peek.

While I would happily buy everything in her store, I am particularly drawn to her incredible lighting selection at the moment. I think these white pagoda lamps will look perfect in my Office.

Star Spangled Boys Room

It's convenient that both the British flag and the American flag are comprised of the same colors because that way I can stay loyal to both my heritage and my home town when I create the Little Boys Bedroom in my dream house...not that there are any little boys to house and nor will there be after my latest Saturday trip to Target, I'm just planning ahead, obviously.

The color combo doesn't have to be some placid patriotic puddle as you might suspect but, rather, as these interpretations demonstrate, the red, white and blues can be fresh (Miles Redd), fabulous (Josephine Sasso) and fun too (Jonathan Adler)...

I particularly like the Americana twist offered in the Rex collection by Serena & Lily (though, let's be honest, I love everything Serena & Lily).


Who knew a patriotic plaid would so perfectly compliment the stars and stripes? And, perhaps something more graphic would work as well as seen in this unknown visionary's kitchen...

Hmmm...once again, now it is onto the specifics!

Question: Is the whole red, white and blue boys room old? What do you think makes a cute little boy's bedroom? Help me!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Find - Novelty Globes

While I've never been very good at whimsical displays or creating those just-right vignettes (please see Grant Gibson's blog for a perfect example of simple and elegant style scene setting) to truly complete a room, I feel sure there is something I could do with these super cheap and cute novelty globes from Crate & Barrel.

Putting them in a large bowl on the coffee table seems a wee bit too Pottery-Barn-late-90's for my liking, but perhaps somewhere unexpected like a bathroom, butler's pantry or foyer would work better? Jauntily displayed in a large wicker basket (wait, did I just type wicker?!?!), giant resin clam shell or gaping fish's mouth? Yes? No?

Either way, at less than $7 per globe, even if they don't work, they are less expensive than some of Eleanor Rigby's toys so she could just have her way with them...

Question: Are these globes cheesy or chic? How would you create a vignette with them? What are the elements of a good style scene?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Friends with Dragons

Hmmm...I think this fabulous blue and white Dragon lamp from Modern Dose will compliment my Chiang Mai Family Room quite nicely....And it's within my reality budget rather than in some fake finances!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Beginning

While I am completely at a loss for how to begin designing my dream Living Room, I think it must start with this gilded coffee table from Hudson.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Color Purple

While spending a terrific and tasty Turkey Day with my family in Manhattan, a visit was paid to my little brother's current residence, a $6 million pad on Central Park West. I know, so unfair.

How does he live in such luxury, you ask? Well, he has the good fortune to live with his very best friend from high school who happens to be worth a fortune....I know, so SO unfair. Anyhoo, she has over the past several years spent a rather significant sum of money creating an opulent apartment (think inlaid wood floors, backlit marble, custom cathedral ceilings and the most incredible antique furniture collection you have ever seen) complete with a room for my brilliant brother to occupy. Needless to say, she has a great eye for interior design and is clearly extremely generous.

While I will leave the full photo recap to the decor magazine that will no doubt be chronicling this make-believe-mansion-come-true fairy tale (plus, I'm not totally interested in being sued), I simply couldn't resist posting a few pics of her insanely amazing amethyst bathroom.

I absolutely adore the color combination of the soft white and strong purple. It's both feminine and sophisticated. And, I am just going to have to copy her design vision (minus the lady shower statue though) and have a similar schemed Powder Room in my own fabulous house.

Onto the specifics...Hmmm...

Question: What are your thoughts on the color purple? In small doses? Do you think it will work for a powder room? 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Britt's Banister

Um, how amazing is this acrylic banister from Thomas Britt?!?! The interior design legend created this ingenious stairwell for Alexis & Trevor Traina's San Francisco home featured in this month's Elle magazine (I know, I know, I need to invest in a scanner or a better camera phone).

But, I just love how it completely opens up the space while remaining traditionally influenced with the spool spiral styling. Proper yet prodigious. Cheeky yet chic. This concept will be perfect for the Foyer in my dream house.

Question: Do you like this look or is it a bit too modern? Have I taken the lucite/acrylic thing too far?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Need for Needlepoint

It should no longer come as a surprise to anyone the extent of my animal print ardor. What perhaps is less obvious to-date is my (almost nearly) equally fervent fondness for needlepoint. I mean, Hermes ties and Smathers & Branson needlpoint are about the only two things that are cool about being a boy (sorry, guys, but it is true).

So, you can imagine my new infatuation with the Williams-Sonoma Home needlepoint Christmas stockings in animal print and animal prints! Gaaahh!!

These are the perfect beginning for my maison's first Noel! If only they had a Frenchie too!

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Crack in the Armor

For the first time ever in my entire life I am actually reconsidering my snowy white kitchen! I never thought this would happen!! What next? I become dedicated solely to mid-century modern furniture and wrought iron?!?! ARGH!!!

The crack culprit in question is Katie Lee Joel's cool grey canteen that was featured in this month's InStyle magazine.

I adore how the smoky grey becomes uber-chic and somewhat serious when mixed with the gold hardware but still looks comfy and cozy like a kitchen should be...How does my white wonder even compete with this superior slate scene (and, more obviously, how do I compete with a svelte KLJ)?!?!

Not to worry. Plan B. I will simply use this scheme for my Greenhouse. A plethora of green plants would make this kitchen truly dance and what is a planting room but a kitchen without applicances? I mean, really.

I will have my cake and eat it too.

Question: What are your thoughts on the silvery scheme? Drab or daring?

PS- Pretend the photo is better and wasn't taken with my iPhone at work where I was actually reading a magazine rather than, er, working...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Find - Asparagus Vase

RTT's favorite vegetable is asparagus. He's so enamoured with this verdant veggie, that he suggests we serve roasted asparagus to everyone at every meal for every season (exhibit A; the selection we served at our recent wine tasting party, pics courtesy of my super sister's website). Whenever I turn up my nose at his stalky suggestion, he replies "well, what if we tried white asparagus instead to mix it up?" It's sort of become a running joke in our house as a result.

So you can imagine the childish chuckle that took over when, while shopping at my favorite Boston home store, Hudson, the other day, I came across these rustic-chic ceramic asparagus vases.

Of course, they are not funny as vases. In fact, they are quite elegant in a way. They would actually be perfect as an accent in my Kitchen, on a mantle in a Family room as shown on the Hudson website or filled with perky white peonies on the kitchen counter. For only $45, today's Friday Find, RTT really can have asparagus at every meal.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Let's talk about how I absolutely must have this hot pink tassel key chain for the high-tech keys on my new car.


The scary thing is, that relative to the price of the car and my own warped sense of cost, $195 for an Hermes key chain doesn't seem all that terrible to me at the moment...Yipes! What is wrong with me?!?!

Coffee Talk - Part I

First of all, sorry for the complete lack of posting this week. My other, obviously less fun, day-job has kept me super busy at our semi-annual sales meeting. The good news; the Sperry Top-Sider Fall 2010 product is to-die-for (seriously) and well worth the all-day long meetings (side note, I also learned that I am not good at bowling). The bad news; I have had zero time for my hobbies slash passions and neglected all my awesome readers!

Anyhoo...I wanted to start another series on coffee table books. It seems to me that there are two camps, those who love coffee table tomes and those who think they are just heavy books. I clearly fall into the former category. I adore coffee table books, and honestly, the heavier the better! So my dream house (and even current, less dreamy digs) Living Room (to start) will most likely be brimming with books.

A few of my favorites, no surprise here, are by some of my most dearest designers, Suzanne Kasler and Jonathan Adler, representing the proper and perky respectively.

Both of these could be considered manuals for the proper-meets-preppy home, exploding with amazing photographs, useful advice, resources and witty observations on the world of interior design. I like to read Jonathan Adler before I go to sleep at night.

Another preferred coffee table book of mine is the The Cultivated Life by Jean-Philippe Delhomme. While less of a design dissertation and more of a cartoon collection from Delhomme's prolific professional work, this book is everything a coffee table text should be, amusing, inspiring and charming (and it does include some gorgeous room depictions to make you drool).

Question: When it comes to decorative books, my list could go on and on which is why I must break up the blogging...But, do you have any favorite coffee table books?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Find - Wine Glass Charms

I know what you are thinking. "Wine glass charms? Ew." Trust me, I totally agree. Those cheesy charmy tchotchkes (apparently the alternative business option for jewelry making moms on eBay) make me feel a wee squeemish as well. They are just not my style. However, with our wine tasting slash bottle competition party coming up (er, tomorrow), I started to worry about how we were going to keep 14 wine glasses straight (these are the things that keep me awake at night). Maybe I need some wine charms after all?!?!

But then, after RTT calmed me down, I remembered these so NOT cheesy wine glass clips that we procured on our Italian honeymoon.

How chic are these colored wonders? I mean, you know, for wine glass charm things. Right?!?! No dangly pseudo-pewter bottle charms and plastic-y beads from a kids craft kit. They are discreet, fun, get the job done...quite perfect for any party at only $14! And available at my preferred online superstore, Amazon.

PS- My wine winning guests tomorrow will be receiving eco-chic MapTote WineTotes as party prizes. They are just $12!

PPS - I would like you to note, as well, that I purchased my WineTotes a full 2 weeks before the DailyCandy posting yesterday. I'm such a trendsetter.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dumbo Comes Home

I'm assuming there will be extensive negotiations required with both my mother and my sister before I can purloin all the splendid possessions from my grandmother's (and my Mummy's) time in Lagos, Nigeria...Items like native ebony busts, an ivory lamp carved with a tribal scene, an authentic, much-needed dinner gong, a large, hand-carved chest and elephant table in beautiful cherry wood...

I'm anticipating complete failure.

But, not to fret, my pets, I can still fulfill my lifelong dream (or delusion, however you choose to see it) of an Imperial British-themed Study without the fabulous furnishings from my family.

Burke Decor has some perfect pachyderm side tables in pretty porcelain, ideal as a cocktail resting spot in RTT's simulated-Study...

...and, for only $245, I don't need to win my millions to make this mammoth my own!

PS- I realize it is, in fact, an Asian elephant casted above, but no matter...India as well as Africa were part of the British Empire. My room will remain historically accurate.

Question: It may be too late for me, but do you think themed rooms are too much? Am I taking my Colonial craze too far?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dream to Reality

Um, could this be my dream-house-come-true?!?!

Only $3.4 million dollars in Wellesley, MA! We'll take two!